Klout Score: What You Need to Know

Last week I posted a discussion about Klout scores on several LinkedIn groups. From those who responded it quickly became clear that business owners in general have little-to-no knowledge about what a Klout score is or what their Klout score should be.

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Shrinkage is Good

No, don’t go there. The shrinkage I’m talking about today refers to the size of our internal contact list.

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Before 9am

Shhhh… I have a confession. Despite the official operating hours of Sutton Creative Studios, my work day begins well before 9am. How much before 9am? Well, that’s between me and my coffee maker, however I promise I do NOT mean 8:59.

And if you must know, my work day often ends well after 5pm – however don’t expect me to respond to your emails unless we previously agreed on it.


Because BEFORE 9am and AFTER 5pm are mine.

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Who’s the Boss?

Who’s the Boss? No, I’m not asking for Tony Danza, star of the 1980’s sitcom. When I ask a small business owner “Who’s the boss?”, he or she should always answer, “Me!”

Unfortunately that’s not always what happens…

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Grounding Small Business Owners

Woooo, what a week!!! Infusionsoft Certified Partner training ended yesterday with a six hour exam, and to say I was exhausted – physically AND mentally – would be an understatement.  Despite my exhaustion, however, it became clear Wednesday morning that grounding small business owners is constantly necessary.

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Bite the Bullet

Wow… Two years ago I never imagined writing an article for our blog from an airport terminal. I’m waiting for a flight to take me away for a one-week business trip – another un-imagined moment. Yes, our business has grown fantastically, however for this trip, we had to bite the bullet.

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What is Scrum?

The past three months have seen Sutton Creative Studios performing a variety of tasks for clients, including recruiting. In one of  our candidate searches, we were looking for a Scrum master which left me wondering – What is Scrum? Continue reading

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