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Be a Tease

In a recent introductory consult with a prospective client I asked, “What type of teasers do you have?” The gentleman was confused. No, I was not talking inappropriately and suggesting he use racy methods to try to capture the attention of … Continue reading

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Infusionsoft Aha Moment #1 – Clean Up Your Tags

This is embarrassing. As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner you would think that I would have had my tags on Infusionsoft under more control. Nope, not me. Following another “Aha!” moment this morning, it became abundantly clear that Infusionsoft was telling … Continue reading

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Shrinkage is Good

No, don’t go there. The shrinkage I’m talking about today refers to the size of our internal contact list. And in terms of our contact list, shrinkage is good… sometimes…

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Shopping for Your Marketing Team

Shopping for Your Marketing Team This past weekend I had an interesting Facebook exchange in response to a post I had sponsored. The topic was social media marketing, and the gentleman said my post sounded like a scam. In the … Continue reading

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How We Grew Our Subscriber List 750% in Two Months

Wow, it’s been quite a couple of months. We grew our subscriber list 750% in two months. Yup! TWO MONTHS. Can you say that? It was quite ingenious, if I can say no myself. I was redesigning our website (doesn’t … Continue reading

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Social Media Is Not Just Entertainment!

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+…  Come on, let’s face it. They’re time suckers. We go on there when we’re bored or stressed, or perhaps when we’re trying to stay awake after a heavy lunch. But folks, social media is … Continue reading

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6 Signs You Need to Hire a Graphic Designer

In the hustle and bustle associated with running our own small businesses, it’s very easy to allow sub-par marketing materials to be distributed while we focus on the needs of our clients. Rather than try to take (nonexistent)  time to … Continue reading

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