Banned from Huffington Post

That got your attention, right? Sutton Creative Studios account has been banned from Huffington Post. Why? I don’t have a clue. I was reading articles, leaving intelligent, insightful and complementary comments, and the next thing I know, BAM. Up on my screen pops a window that says, “Your account has been banned from Huffington Post.”

Banned from Huffington PostWhile I’m (mildly) irritated by the situation, especially considering I don’t have a reason for WHY our account was banned, I do find a little bit of humor in the situation. Why? Because there is no good reason for it. I received no advance notification, no warning that I had violated a policy on the site, and I had, in fact, received thanks for my responses and comments.

So what’s this all about?

I have my own theory, and forgive me if it sounds conceited…

Think back to grade school when the smart kids received looks of disdain from their classmates when they answered questions correctly. As much as the “cool” kids didn’t want others to know they DID care about knowing the answer, they couldn’t stand it when the smart kids actually answered the question(s) correctly.

I must disclose that I was neither one of the smart kids or one of the cool kids. I was happily average, blending in like a wallflower with all the other averages.

I didn’t raise my hand in class because I didn’t want the cool kids to tease me for being smart kids. I knew the answer plenty of times, but I kept my hand down to prevent calling attention to myself. I avoided eye contact with the teachers because I wanted them to assume I didn’t know the answer. Yup, I played dumb.

But time has taught me well… Being a wallflower doesn’t send you to the top.

If I know the answer or have something to add that will help the readers of an article in the long run, I will speak up. This is how I will show my expertise.

So what’s the problem with this in regards to being banned from Huffington Post?

Somebody’s feelings got hurt… Somebody who has a hard time accepting criticism.

I NEVER insulted in my article comments. If I didn’t agree I said so nicely. If I did agree, I complemented the author on a job well done. And if I had something to add I did so, thoughtfully and tactfully.

Perhaps I don’t have as much of a problem accepting criticism because of my education. I graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with my Bachelor Degree in Interior Architecture. I had models slashed apart by professors, and even though I was already exhausted I had to endure several more all-night-ers to redo assignments from scratch.

After graduation my clients in Chicago, New York City, Greenwich and Ohio also gave harsh criticism. But as a professional you have to be open to it. Criticism is not failure. It provides a way to think outside of your box and expand your skills and knowledge.

[Tweet “Criticism is not failure. It provides a way to think outside of your box and expand your skills and knowledge.”]

So, if my theory is correct, I’m sorry, dear author, for insulting you with my insight. It wasn’t my intent. However reporting me for adding value to your article is ridiculous. I didn’t abuse. I didn’t curse. I didn’t troll.

I added value to the piece you had already written…  And I invite YOU to come here and do the same.

Banned from Huffington Post… Bah…


Kim SuttonKim Sutton is the Managing Partner and Chief Everything Officer of The Sutton Companies, including Sutton Strategic Solutions and Sutton Creative Studios.  She is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture.

An avid reader and passionate learner, Kim is constantly researching, studying and developing business improvement strategies. When it comes to client work, Kim especially enjoys helping her clients develop innovative marketing strategies and sales funnels, particularly when they are using Infusionsoft to automate all the heavy lifting. To find out how you can further develop your company’s marketing and automation strategies schedule a 1-hour Business Boost Strategy Session by clicking here.

In her free-time, Kim cherishes the time she gets to spend with her husband, Dave (her business partner), and five children. She also enjoys reading, knitting, writing and playing video games.

Get a copy of Kim’s FREE guide, “10 Top Tools for Small Businesses” by clicking here.


About Kim Sutton

Kim is the CEO of The Sutton Companies, including Sutton Strategic Solutions and Sutton Creative Studios. She is married to her best friend and soul mate, Dave, and together they have six children.
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