Board Games and Business Owners

Our boys love to play board games. Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, you name it. Thinking about their fondness for games I realized board games and business owners have a lot in common.

There’s no arguing that each and every board game has a goal, and most likely there are obstacles to face before you can reach that goal. If you get frustrated and give up you can never win. It’s only through drive and sheer determination that you can possibly be the winner.

Just because you’re not the winner doesn’t mean you’re the loser.

I can’t stand it when people say, “I lost.”

[Tweet “No, you didn’t lose. You just didn’t win.”]

Think about what’s in common between these board games and business owners:

MonopolyMonopoly: What would you give up to have both Boardwalk AND Park Place? What if Boardwalk and Park Place were actually your cash cow? Or the program and services which would take your business all the way to the top? Or what if they represented your ideal client? Would you give up all your other properties to have that one dream prospect or opportunity?

ClueClue: In this game you need to find the right person, with the right tool (weapon) in the right place. Isn’t this similar to find the best employees and consultants for your business? Unfortunately you don’t always find all three at one time. You may have a seemingly great person in the right place who just doesn’t have the tools you are looking for. Or, you may have a person who knows the right tools, who’s in the right place, but is absolutely miserable to work with. Finding your purple squirrel really is like winning the game of Clue!


Chutes and LaddersChutes and Ladders: Some of most notable business leaders admit that in order to have succeeded to the point that they have they had to have failed along the way. While I wouldn’t put it as failing, sometimes the chutes in Chutes and Ladders feel that way. If you’ve ever played this great game, however, you know that even the player who slides all the way down to rock bottom can still come out at the top. [Tweet “If Chutes and Ladders can give us any lesson, it’s don’t ever give up!”]

ScrabbleScrabble: How many times have you been stuck with a rack of either vowels or consonants in the game of Scrabble? If anything, Scrabble teaches us that sometimes we won’t have all the pieces to put something magnificent together. We might not always be able to build a 50 point word, but if we’re patient and start small the big words will develop in time.

The next time you hit a road block, I encourage you to take some time off. Play a game of Monopoly or Scrabble with a friend or loved one. And while you’re at it, think about all similarities between board games and business owners.


Kim SuttonKim Sutton is the Managing Partner and Chief Everything Officer of The Sutton Companies, including Sutton Strategic Solutions and Sutton Creative Studios.  She is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture.

An avid reader and passionate learner, Kim is constantly researching, studying and developing business improvement strategies. When it comes to client work, Kim especially enjoys helping her clients develop innovative marketing strategies and sales funnels, particularly when they are using Infusionsoft to automate all the heavy lifting. To find out how you can further develop your company’s marketing and automation strategies schedule a 1-hour Business Boost Strategy Session by clicking here.

In her free-time, Kim cherishes the time she gets to spend with her husband, Dave (her business partner), and five children. She also enjoys reading, knitting, writing and playing video games.

Get a copy of Kim’s FREE guide, “10 Top Tools for Small Businesses” by clicking here.


About Kim Sutton

Kim is the CEO of The Sutton Companies, including Sutton Strategic Solutions and Sutton Creative Studios. She is married to her best friend and soul mate, Dave, and together they have six children.
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