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Is Your Email Signature Naked?

Hey you! Before you begin reading this article I need you to do something. Launch your email client and tell me what you see. Is your email signature naked? By naked I mean one or all of the following: • … Continue reading

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Give Yourself a Gift This Christmas

In a recent  article I spoke of the importance of taking time off from your business for the holidays. After thinking more about it, I realized I meant, more specifically, take time off from your clients. This gives you room to … Continue reading

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5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Blogger

Before I begin, I must say that I don’t believe a successful blogger has to be making money directly off his/her blog. Success from blogging can be measured in a variety of different ways: Good content, reader engagement/participation, site visits, … Continue reading

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How We Grew Our Subscriber List 750% in Two Months

Wow, it’s been quite a couple of months. We grew our subscriber list 750% in two months. Yup! TWO MONTHS. Can you say that? It was quite ingenious, if I can say no myself. I was redesigning our website (doesn’t … Continue reading

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Taking Time for Health and the Holidays

If you’re a small business owner I welcome you to give your comments and feedback to this article below. When was the last time you took time for health and the holidays? No, I don’t mean taking a couple hours … Continue reading

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Learn and Earn

If your business is anything like ours, you sit at your desk for the majority of the day working on client projects. You chat occasionally with your (AWESOME) co-worker, answer phone calls when they come in, and listen to music … Continue reading

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Reading Between the Lines

This past week we posted our first real job listing on our site, and shared it across all our social media channels. While more than 400 people clicked through and an abundance of resumes were received, it became quite clear … Continue reading

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