Dress Your eMail Address in a Suit and Tie

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One of the easiest ways to make you and your new company appear professional is often overlooked by new business owners: Their email address.  White no expense was spared to make their website spectacular, the simple addition of a ___@yourdomainname email address was forgotten, or worse, deemed unnecessary.

Following find a few reasons why having a customized email address isn’t only aesthetically pleasing, but professionally necessary to help your business succeed.

  • GROWTH – Sure, your business may only be you when you start, but somewhere down the road you may need employees to continue growing.  Starting your email address naming format with a firstname.lastinitial@… structure straight from the beginning allows you nearly endless growth (email wise) while still allowing you and your employees anonymity.
  • PERCEPTION – Imagine visiting a well-known company’s website and finding yourself on their “Contact Us” page.  What do you see?  Chances are, there is an email address for:

General Inquiries (info@…)
Customer Service (customerservice@…)
Sales (sales@…)
Marketing (PR@…)
and more!

Now, what if you found out that the company was comprised of only one or two employees who shared or split up the responsibility for these email addresses?  Genious, yes?  Nobody needs to know if your company is, for the time being, only you!

  • PROFESSIONALISM – From your customers and clients to your potential suppliers and business affiliates, an ___@yourdomainname email will always be taken much more seriously than one ending with @hotmail, @gmail, or @yahoo.com.  Save the free email for your personal email, and invest the price of a gourmet cup of coffee into a suit and tie for your email address.
  • MARKETING - Think about it.  When you give a potential client your email address and it’s ____@yourdomainname, you are essentially inviting him or her to visit your site and check out your business.  Your email address serves as a paperless business card, opening the doors to your online services page, portfolio and other critical selling points. 
  • COMMITMENT – By taking the step to ditch your free email account for business purposes, you’re telling current and potential clients that your business is more than just a phase.  No, you’re not signing your life away to your business, but you’re not giving the impression that you started your business yesterday…  Even if you did.


  • If you have a free email account for your business, don’t delete it.  Instead, have emails sent to this address forwarded to your new email address.
  • Keep your domain name and email addresses as short and simple as possible.  Complicated email addresses easily lead to mis-spellings which could in turn give business to your competitor rather than you.
  • Learn how to sign into your email address using web-mail in case your computer ever crashes.  Store the link, username and password in a secure location.
  • Design and use a powerful signature in ALL your emails.  Include your name, title, phone numbers, email address and website URL.  In addition, offer a link to your Facebook and/or Twitter page so recipients may like/follow your company.

Do you need help setting up a professional email address for your company? Do you need help setting up your email address in Outlook or another program? Sutton Creative Studios can help you! Please email us or leave a comment on our blog and we’ll get right back to you!

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